Microlearning: A Quick Flashback


According to a recent Technavio report, Global E-learning Courses Market 2018-2022, the Global E-learning Courses market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 14.04% during the period 2018-2022. And Microlearning is listed as a popular market trend. Microlearning is undeniably becoming a critical element of learning in the modern digital workplace.

We have been advocating the use of microlearning for some time now. Our recommendation isn’t limited to our clients, but also to anyone who seek our assistance. To know why, here’s a quick flashback. A list of the blog posts written on Microlearning, all in a single page.

The question often begins with ‘why’, and rightly so. Be introduced to the charms of microlearning – Microlearning – What it is & Why should you care.

We need microlearning and yet the adoption has been quite sluggish. Here are few reasons that make microlearning a necessity in today’s millennia – 9 Reasons Why You Need Microlearning, What Makes Microlearning Ideal for Corporate Training.

Very often the adoption is hindered by preconceived notions and myths, we burst the bubble and uncovered the reality – Bursting the Microlearning Myth.

Even with the misconceptions cleared, microlearning is often considered to be not as effective as traditional learning however, each has its own merit as discussed in the post – Micro eLearning VS Traditional eLearning.

With all the confusions and queries put aside, microlearning is adopted, but then starts the array of how’s and what’s. In a series of blogs our team has touched upon various aspects of design and development that influence the effectiveness of microlearning. Start from – How to Use Microlearning as a part of the Learning Strategy. Move on to – 8 Questions You Need to Ask for Creating Effective Microlearning followed by – Bite-sizing eLearning Tips to Consider While Converting eLearning to Microlearning.

Don’t be overwhelmed, the good stuff is yet to be showcased. So, once microlearning is accepted as the part of an engaging learning strategy, the focus shifts entirely into the design, presentation, content size etc. and the following posts can guide you through smoothly – Videos and Micro eLearning The Connect, 4 Elements of a Successful Microlearning Course, 5 Tips To Make Microlearning Successful, 4 Key Elements to Make Micro eLearning Effective.

Microlearning is here to stay. And as a recent article published in PharmaTimes, titled- Growing knowledge with microlearning, points out, “microlearning is a modern answer to the knowledge challenges faced by the pharma (and other) industry today.”

So, are these blogs helpful?

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