4 Key Elements to Make Micro eLearning Effective


Just as the name suggests Micro eLearning stands for bite-sized learning that can be used either as performance support tool or as independent learning module. It basically should help the learners in achieving one specific objective in the span of five minutes or less. The key is to keep everything short and simple.

However, before getting started there are certain aspects you have to consider. Initially you have to consider the audience, the kind of devices they have access to, the capability of viewing audio-visual media, and most crucially the kind of information/knowledge they need access to on-the-job. Once this is sorted you can move on to creating bite-sized learning, and here are 4 key elements that can make it effective.

1. Make it Visually Appealing

First impression is the best impression. No matter how short the course is, without the right appeal it has equal chances of being discarded like normal eLearning. So, take care in how the interface is, how it plays on the device- make it multi device compatible to avoid issues. Check the audio syncing if applicable, see how the visuals render on different screens etc. are few minor things that can make a huge difference.

2. Hit the Right Note

As far as the content of Micro eLearning is concerned it has to be crisp and to the point. 5 mins is a short time so, avoid lengthy introductions, but provide a short overview so that the learners are aware of what they are getting into. If the Micro eLearning is in form of a game or simulation, a short story preface can help in setting the right mood.

3. Avoid Repetitions

Repetitions are often used to reinforce learning, but this is not applicable in case of micro eLearning. Due to the shorter duration repetitions, can tend to be annoying. Moreover, Micro eLearning itself can be a tool to reinforce learning delivered through Classroom training or eLearning- revisions should mostly be to the point.

4. Utilize the Power of Variety

Videos are the most powerful tools of delivering learning in short span. Even a two-minute video can relay powerful messages. But Micro eLearning doesn’t have to be video alone, it can also be in form of presentations/slideshows, games, simulations, short quizzes, puzzles, and even blogs. Using different types can also help in garnering interest among the learners.

Micro eLearning may be short and sweet, but is powerful enough to affect the performance of the organization. And with the decreasing size of screen sizes, the demand of micro eLearning will continue to increase over the years.

At Knowzies we are constantly experimenting with various techniques of creating effective Micro eLearning. So, do let us know if you need any assistance.

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