Microlearning – What It Is & Why You Should Care?



We had mentioned the term Microlearning a few weeks back in our post- 4 Key Elements to Make Micro eLearning Effective, but had held back on dwelling in depth about the term itself. That’s because though it’s “micro”, it still needs proper explanation for better clarity.

So, what is Microlearning?

According to Wikipedia, “Microlearning deals with relatively small learning units and short-term learning activities. Generally, the term “microlearning” refers to micro-perspectives in the context of learning, education and training. More frequently, the term is used in the domain of e-learning and related fields in the sense of a new paradigmatic perspective on learning processes in mediated environments.”

Remember those ‘Flashcards’, that were used earlier? That is nothing but a form of microlearning. For the modern eLearning generation, it would mean probably a bite-sized video or even a short PowerPoint presentation. But, the crucial element is that it is ‘just in time’ learning.

Microlearning hence, is short, easily accessible at all times, easy to understand/absorb, learning for the right context. It can also be termed self-driven as learners themselves choose to access learning at the moment of need rather than being forced into learning.

Why You Should Care?

Now that is a brief outline about Microlearning, but if you are wondering why all the brouhaha around it. Here are a few reasons as to why you should really care about microlearning.

  • Simplicity-Less Scary

The best part about microlearning is that complex concepts have to be chunked down, broken into simpler modules in order to fit the bracket. Simple learning can be less scary too, and can assist in boosting confidence amongst even the most reluctant learners.

  • Learning Whenever- Just-In-Time

Performance support is the key word here. There are times, usually on job when employees need a quick reference point. At such times a complete eLearning module can be really frustrating as it takes multiple steps to get to a certain page. This is when Microlearning can be a real-life saver. Also, smaller size means lesser loading time and storage space even which makes it a perfect tool for just-in-time learning, anywhere and anytime.

  • Next-Gen Learning- They Like Bite-Size

The learners today are impatient which is why learning content needs to be innovative enough to impress them and captivating enough to keep them hooked. But, even with that if the content is too long there are chances that it will be ignored halfway. The solution is bite-sizing, hence microlearning.

  • Self-Driven- Learner’s Choice

The thing with microlearning is that it is usually learner driven. With all the perks that it offers, it also is a method that guarantees learning and performance outcomes because the learners walk towards learning themselves at the point of need.

If these aren’t reasons enough for you to care, then we really have to work harder in impressing you.

Nevertheless, microlearning is strong and expanding its hold in eLearning. We are exploring its potentials and will keep you posted on our findings. So, keep reading.

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