Top 3 eLearning Authoring Tools for Flash to HTML5 Conversion

There’s an old adage, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” We are now at the verge of a mass conversion spree, preceding the inevitable end of the Flash platform. Newer, more flexible platforms have already taken its place and have been evolving rapidly to meet the current multidevice, AI, AR-VR controlled learning scenario. While organizations do have the will to initiate conversion, authoring tools make the way.

We have initiated discussions and written various posts about why HTML5 is the way ahead (the links are shared at the end of this post). How do we go about with the conversion process? Authoring tools have proved to be cost effective and offer faster deployment and easier further modifications if required. Based on our experience with handling various Flash to HTML5 conversions, here are our top picks. The top 3 eLearning Authoring Tools for Flash to HTML5 Conversion.

Articulate Storyline

And the 360 version. Undeniably amongst the best in the industry, Articulate keeps evolving and has a large community that contributes to its growth. Unlike the older versions of the tool that had issue with text and object placements, Articulate 360 boasts of Modern text rendering that allows text to flow from one device interface to another with consistent spacing and readability on every device.  It also provides easy Object Editing Enhancements, that allow to scale and position objects with precision using more snap points, quick-access alignment buttons etc. In addition to its features like picture placeholders, content importing, localized interface etc., the authoring tool also has a wide range of Animation options and Interactivities too.

Unlike regular tools, it allows to Fine-Tune Motion Paths, Orient Objects to Motion Paths and comes with a plethora of transitions in terms of animations. The interactions range from simple slide layers to Triggers that are specific i.e. Trigger Action When Object Intersection Ends, Course Completion Trigger etc. To provide a game like unpredictable nature it offers Random Number Variables that allow to easily build subject based problems, present learners with randomly-selected content, and add gaming elements to the courses.

Adobe Captivate (2019 Release)

Right from built-in interactivities and templates to assist in easy conversion, Adobe Captivate offers great many features that make Flash to HTML5 conversion easier. The ready-to-go slides and the extensive asset store is just the beginning. The enhanced fluid boxes help in creating a fully responsive experience, and the productivity makeover makes it easier to utilize intuitive UI for better control and customization.

Interactive videos, ready-to-go branching workflow, Automated click and replace interaction are amongst the other interesting features, not to forget the 360⁰ learning experiences that the 2019 release offers.

Captivate has a lot to offer in terms of easily importing Flash based animations and converting it to media rich formats, creating great simulations, and even transforming the videos using automatic chroma key effects. For faster conversions Captivate even offers Smart video recording, that allows to simultaneously record the webcam and on-screen content. It also offers great screen capture output. Responsive text support, responsive themes, responsive motion effects without programming, and easy HTML5 publishing makes Captivate a great choice for Flash to HTML5 conversion.


Wondering whether we are sticking to just the ‘A’s’? But, as we are talking about Flash to HTML5 conversion, it is good to have an open source authoring tool in the list too. Adapt is a server-based web application and is easy to use. The perk of this authoring tool is that it is fully documented, making it easy to handle for both technical and non-technical people.

It delivers responsive and intelligent design (an alternative form of content can be displayed depending on the device) that greatly supports user interaction. It provides the option of vertical scrolling, giving the eLearning a web page like navigation. Adapt is often commented for the flexibility as it offers a wide variety of custom designs and is not based on fixed templates.

Apart from cost efficiency, Adapt is also great tool in terms of LMS compatibility, language support etc.

Apart from these, Lectora Inspire and Camtasia are great tools to work with while undertaking Flash to HTML5 conversion.

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If you are looking for an eLearning partner to undertake the conversion of Flash to HTML5 conversion, just get in touch.

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