5 Factors To Consider While Selecting eLearning Vendor

Selecting eLearning Vendor

If you seek, then you shall receive!!

That is the base philosophy why knowledge disbursement with eLearning methodology has caught the imagination of the business world. The dynamic business scenario requires Corporates to upgrade their internal skill levels consistently to meet the latest business challenges. Such continual training requirements are best achieved with the help of an outsourced eLearning vendor.

There is a lot that goes into building an educational program physically or as an online venture. The content, delivery, manpower, costs, infrastructure the stakes are high. Considering these issues most organizations look to outsource their learning activities. Some of the key factors that support the outsourced decisions are as below:

The Top 3 Reasons Why Choosing an Outsourced eLearning Vendor is a Good Decision

The Cost Cover

A recent report from Deloitte & Touché indicates that an outsourced Asian eLearning and administration provider can bring up to 60% cost benefit to the outsourcing client. Setting up a training infrastructure has long-term fixed costs.

The Quality & Focus

The Outsourced vendor whose core business is eLearning knows how to handle the finer aspects of eLearning delivery. The outsourced approach allows the Corporate to focus on its core business areas without compromising with eLearning project implementation.

The Delivery Assurance

The outsourced vendor has Learning Management System (LMS) that is vetted and set up for quantifiable delivery. Designing a particular course, adding reading material as required, inviting industry expert, handling queries, testing and certification can easily be handled by the eLearning vendor.

Now that we understand how hiring an eLearning Vendor is a smart decision it is easy to set the criteria for selection of a right vendor.

The Top 5 Factors of Selecting eLearning Vendor:

1. Understand how the Learning Management System Works:

A good delivery is always based on a process that is standardized. Make sure the vendor has a good Learning Management System that allows the participant to attend the training sessions easily, connect with the trainer when required in case of difficulties or have access to already conducted sessions with the help of a recorded session link and so on. All the LMS features must flow fluidly and is a must criterion for selection of the right vendor.

2. Licensed Backend Tools:

The eLearning programs are built & run on software and tools. It is of utmost importance that the Vendor’s Learning management system (LMS) is based on software’s and tools that are bought legally and have valid licenses. The company also must be using tools and pictures, photos that are purchased with a valid license or are copyright free. The last thing one wants is the system that crashes or halts due to pirated software, which is often the case with cheap eLearning systems incidentally.

3. Check Experience & References:

The eLearning vendor under scrutiny must be able to display the work done so far. It is always important to check the references of the company on the Internet as well as through legitimate references the company will supply as part of the proposal. A good eLearning vendor will have a lot of proof to provide. The eLearning provider’s caliber of trainers and coordinator’s always needs to be verified.

4. Focus, Scalability and Cultural Adoption:

A focus is the first step towards achieving success. The vendor must be able to show the continued work done by them in the field of your choice. For e.g. Training offered in the digital marketing field or SAP subject. An eLearning vendor should be able to handle a range of field related programs. Further, they should be able to accommodate few or a large number of attendees from different locations. The scalability is essential. Another important piece that must come together is that the vendor should have the ability to handle people from different cultures or even a simple variation in accent can put the attendee off from the learning program.

5. The Cost Rider:

The reason a Corporate chooses to go the outsourced route is to be able to achieve the objective in a cost-effective way. The vendor must be able to bring substantial cost benefit by offering good quality content with easy eLearning tools at reasonable expenses. The cost rider must never be off.

Knowzies have been one of the most prefered vendor when it comes to authoring tool based rapid eLearning development and we comply the above grid. In case if you are looking for a cost effective eLearning vendor for your content development do reach us at info@knowzies.com. We make eLearning simple.

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