How to Get Best Learner Engagement Through eLearning?

We have a generation that binge watches on Prime, Netflix, Hotstar and another set that spends hours gaming. Hours and hours engaged in the task of finishing one series after the other or leveling up. According to the State of Online Gaming 2018 market research report, “People who play video games spend an average of nearly six hours each week playing. Gamers 18-25 spend the most time, at more than seven hours each week.” While the storyline and plot have a lot to do with the whole attention-grabbing, another aspect is the availability of full content at one place, no more breaks, and the freedom to watch an entire season in one go. But ever wondered why eLearning fails in keeping the Learners hooked?

eLearning could essentially have all the features of a Netflix show. It can be watched online and offline, without breaks and interruptions, but in the end, it is just eLearning and hence the general fall in engagement. The trick now is to think in terms of how to engage the learners in the way the shows or games do. How to get best Learner Engagement through eLearning?


Curiosity must have killed the cat, but when it comes to learner engagement, it is what keeps them hooked. It could come from the way eLearning is promoted internally, the visuals used or the general scenario that sets the premise for learning. In some cases, even the general interest to learn could build curiosity, take for instance a new technology or equipment. The trick is to use the right aspects to keep the learners hooked. A good storytelling approach wouldn’t hurt either.


Works for all learning scenarios. The need to master something, to succeed and to achieve certain goals can bring in engagement too. In general, this depends on the learning strategy. What would learning bring about? Role change, Salary Revision, Better work condition?


Nothing works magic like good old competition. Leaderboards, internal evaluation, the organizational ranking, highlight aspect that can build in competitions hence creating the drive to learn.

Ease of Access

eLearning has always been marketed as a flexible learning option. Add to it device, format, and flexibility to access learning anywhere, anytime, and eLearning becomes self-driven. Engagement here is natural. 


Plain old boring fails to engage the modern learners who churn through large volumes of online content on various medium. The search for innovation, the hunger to find something different gives them the drive. What if eLearning gives them something new? Would keep them engaged right. Innovative, creative and intuitive content, design, etc. can make eLearning engaging.


Games are fun and so are the videos on paid sites. Is eLearning fun? Could be considering that games and simulations are also a part of eLearning. It isn’t about how the knowledge is imparted, but how it is absorbed that matters. Adding the fun element either as games, gamified environment or as media elements, the learners would learn better if they are engaged.

Learning should be voluntary and self-driven. While in an organizational setting this might not always be the case, the trick is to make the learners understand the benefits of learning, so that they willingly participate in the process. This, in turn, brings in engagement without focusing much on making eLearning content flashy and attractive. However, when the straightforward approach fails, the only option is to let the eLearning modules do the talking and it always helps if a few influencers in the organization talk about it too.

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