Effectiveness of eLearning in Product Training

Effectiveness of eLearning in Product Training

“But, ma’am/sir I simply can’t find out what is wrong with the product.” Imagine having this conversation with a salesperson who recently sold you some latest equipment. Frustrating right? Conversing with a person who doesn’t know what is being sold. Well, this, in turn, can be fatal for the product itself, affecting sales and even the general outlook about the product.

The product market is huge, with Consumer Products, Industrial Products, Organizations, and ideas being added to the mix each day it keeps expanding. And with most new products varying in about everything from unboxing to installation to usage and more, things become a bit confusing for the sales team as keeping in mind the minor changes in each product may not be as easy as it sounds. The lack of clear understanding, however, can be critical as it may affect the sales, individual performance. This is why product training is essential. And in the modern multi-device, digital and mobile world, product training needs to be fast and precise to stay up-to-speed with the competition.

With traditional classroom training being sent to the sidelines, eLearning has taken up most of the more complex, time-stringent learning requirements and so, works well for product training too. With the aim to improve product sales and promotion, eLearning for product training should ideally focus on sending the precise point across and in better learning retention. Here’s how eLearning can affect the effectiveness of product training.

Faster & Broader Outreach

When we say ‘in one click’, eLearning does just that. The product training modules in the form of videos, interactive and more can be distributed through the web, or as apps easily. This makes updates fast too, and that to across the globe hence reaching a broader learner group at the same time, at a different geographical location.

Cheaper & Effective Training

Creating eLearning can be cheaper based on the kind of interactivities and design complexities. Using authoring tools, the cost I lesser than that for custom development and is faster too and hence, perfect for product training that requires a faster rollout.

Flexible and Customizable

The salesforce consists of learners of different kinds. Some constantly on-the-move, some at remote locations, some carrying laptops while others depending entirely on mobile devices. eLearning can provide each learner with a unique experience. Device flexibility gives learning mobility and customizations can be done to make eLearning more personalized.

Just-in-time Support

While being mobile is one aspect, this mobility also makes eLearning perfect for delivering just-in-time support for sales training and also for learning reinforcement to assist the salesforce in doing their best.

Concise Learning, Easily Absorbable

Product sales, new features, maintenance procedures or installations and so on, the content can often be extensive, and hence having elaborate courses may tend to be hard to handle, in terms of understanding as well as time. eLearning can increase engagement through the use of animations or videos, make understanding easier by keeping the content relevant and bite-sized, hence making learning easier and increasing retention.

In addition, eLearning as a package or within a Learning management system, is all-encompassing, covering everything from training, evaluations, feedback, reinforcement, analysis, customizations and more. With the inclusion of social media tools, peer-to-peer learning becomes easier too. Low-cost eLearning offers better ROI, improved performance and better service while being convenient and saving time.

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