Key Benefits of Custom eLearning Development


One thing about Bond movies that has always attracted me is the specifically designed gadgets, hidden cameras, the pen-guns, the multi-functional automobiles, and the bespoke suits that Bond character wears. Anyone who has experienced a custom fitting would know this, nothing matches its comfort and style. Basically, each Bond character had a different persona, and everything was designed to suit the signature style, but keeping in mind the character’s individuality. What does this have to do with eLearning?

Well, we all know that off-the shelf courses can be purchased and deployed easily, hence accommodating any sudden learning requirement. However, it lacks individuality and very often matches the monotony of a single unit manufacturing plant. While such courses focus on the generic learning needs, learners today need a targeted approach to fill the specific skill gaps. Not, just that they look forward towards freedom of choice within the course, device compatibility, social media integration and much more that a custom eLearning course is capable of delivering.

And what else? Here are the key benefits of Custom eLearning development.

1. Caters to the Primary Learning Requisite

Custom eLearning development begins with understanding the audience and analysing the learning requirements. This ensures that the developed course meets the learning goals, is designed for the target devices and that it suits the learners well, and is not just any broad level training that covers more of what is not required.

2. Connects with the Learners

Custom development takes keen interest in analysing the demographic, the preferred learning styles, the device preferences. Not just that Custom eLearning is developed to fit into the learning schedules, in transit learning, and even offline learning models as required. Personalization, gamification, greater interactivity, relevant scenarios that the learners can relate with etc. increase the bond with the learners.

3. Keeps the Learners Motivated and Engaged

When learning content becomes contextual and customised to the needs to the recipients, the learners are self-motivated which in turn ensures engagement with the content. The use of Interaction, simulations, scenarios etc. relevant to the learning requirement make custom eLearning development even more preferable.

4. Captures the Essence of the Brand

As the word suggest, custom development includes the organization’s branding, values etc. The development is done in a way that the core message, the brand value etc. is protected and relayed to the learners. This helps to establish a sense of belongingness among the users.

5. Improves Retention and Recall

When learning becomes self-driven, the percentage of retention and recall directly increases. And when the learners interact and learn it sticks for long. Also, custom solutions for performance support etc. ensures that the learning is applied well.

6. Saves Time and Cost

While many consider the cost of custom eLearning to be high, what they fail to see is that the time spent on re-training, or finding another course that is more contextual is saved. Similarly, custom learning development would cost almost the same as the amount spent on additional add-ons, customizations etc. that are added to a regular course.

In conclusion, custom eLearning development, gives each employee a feeling of satisfaction. Probably the kind that each ‘Bond’ character feels while using the specially designed gadgets. Custom eLearning development is the first step towards personalization. And that, “Employee engagement improves company performance”, has been proved by Alex Edmans of MIT Sloan School of Management. There are many other benefits that custom eLearning development offers in addition to the ones discussed above. A custom solution often delivers more than its value, and gives better performance outputs and improves organizational growth. The use of media elements, integration with third party apps etc. makes it more advantageous.

Have you experienced custom eLearning yet? At Knowzies, we take special attention in understanding the learning requirements and suggest innovative solutions to cater to those. Get in touch if you need our assistance to create custom eLearning that suits your organization’s needs.


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