5 Key Tips for Classroom Training Companies to Take Their Training Online Easily

Classroom training and Online training are two terms that no longer need elaborate introductions, thanks to the far and wide discussions over the past decade. To put it simply, Classroom training has for a long time been the traditional way to impart training, whereas online training is a more flexible and learner-oriented way of training that has gained traction over the past years.

In the past few months, we have witnessed a sudden and increased transition towards online training mostly owing to a pandemic that has wreaked havoc all around. While the need is real and almost highly demanding, there is a little bit of challenge in suddenly jumping into an online training model when the learners and even the instructors have always been accustomed to a Classroom training model so far. It may not be much if you just visualize it as a virtual classroom model, however, even that comes with challenges such as how to act in front of the camera, or how to fathom the learner reactions and act accordingly during the session, how to handle chats and conduct the session without fumbling or getting confused about the controls, etc.

As eLearning service providers, we understand the awkwardness and the hiccups all too well. So, here are 5 Key Tips for Classroom Training Companies to Take Their Training Online Easily.

#Tip 1: Select the Right Partner

Well begun is half done. No sugar-coating here. For companies that have been prioritizing classroom training need assistance in transitioning to online training. Researching and investing time to chart out a plan is the right start, but finding a partner to assist in the technological transition is a necessity based on the urgency. If you are looking for a non-time bound solution, it is okay to take time and go the roundabout way or opt for a trial and error method. However, if the requirement calls for moving to online training in a fast and precise manner, then looking for the right partner or service provider is where you need to start from.

#Tip 2: Utilize Online Tools

Setting up a holistic learning platform can be time-consuming, considering it all needs to be done from scratch. However, in the meantime, there are certain in-house steps that can help in the gradual transition to online too. The key here is to ‘Start simple’. Take your presentations online by sharing them on easily accessible platforms. Thereafter, start sharing short videos and utilize the power of video calls and chats to the utmost to get the learners accustomed to the concept of online learning. Gradually use videos asynchronously (watched anywhere, anytime) and synchronously (video in a virtual classroom space for online classes, working hours).

#Tip 3: Offer Assistance

While every organization tries its best to create and deliver a good learning system, it often misses out on the fact that there may be learners who still need extra help in figuring out how to get the most out of it. This is where assistance comes into the picture. Give the learners the best possible introduction on how to get started with eLearning, and keep providing a blend of virtual classroom experience and independent learning opportunities until the learners get a hang of it. If all works well, moving to a completely automated system could work too, provided that’s the direction the organization is moving towards.

#Tip 4: Keep A Deadline

‘Giving learners the freedom to learn’, is the catchphrase often associated with online training. This, however, is the case when the online learning system is already a part of the workflow. For an organization just moving to online training, having a deadline for course completion can ensure that the learners actually take the course rather than putting it on hold for too long. While this may seem like a compulsion, it is just one way to ensure that the objective of learning is attained.

 #Tip 5: Assign Tasks

How do you know whether the learners are paying attention? Assessments? But would that alone work. While this may call for human intervention in terms of assessing the tasks and sharing feedbacks, assigning small tasks associated with the learning or using a scenario-based assessment model, etc. can help in understanding how well the learning content is grasped by the learners. The learners can/will eventually impart the learning in their normal workflow, but as learning providers, the performance results based on the tasks assigned can help in understanding the flaws or weak areas in the learning content or the learning model.

If your organization is new to the whole online learning setting, it is always good to start small. Get some samples, allow a selected set of learners to explore and see whether the approach works. But, if you do not have the time to test the grounds, you can always seek the help of eLearning service providers with experience in handling such situations. An experienced service provider can assist in finding the right way of transitioning from Classroom training to Online Training.

So, if you are looking for some free Consultation and assistance in finding the right partner, drop us a message and we will get back to you.

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